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molly works freelance as a designer + tv editor, and spends the rest of her time blogging at almostmakesperfect.com and designing the themes for blogzilla. after she tried giving her own blog a makeover, she noticed how expensive it can be to have a clean + stylish theme, so blogzilla was born.

she loves : her cats, howard stern, oysters + horror movies


natalie runs her own business doing graphic design. she taught herself to code websites and loves mixing the technical skills of coding with the art of design. she and molly have been friends since the first week natalie moved to los angeles.

she loves : travel, motown, cooking + all things french


we launched our shop in 2013 when we realized that there are not enough resources out there for affordable and modern blog themes. we love creating themes that are simple and stylish to let your content and your brand shine. we love working together and hope that we’re creating products that will make you as happy as they make us.

we also wouldn’t mind if your readers went “hey – that’s a lovely blog you got there.”


Need tech support? Please reach out to natalie@holepunchdesign.com.