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March 19, 2015

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some essential wordpress plugins | blogzilla studio

we get asked about different plugins a lot, so we thought we’d roundup some of our favorites for you guys!


if you aren’t already using a spam blocker, your comments can get OUT OF HAND without one. akismet is our favorite, it really protects about 99% of spam.


you spend way too much time blogging to not have a backup plan in case it goes down. better to be safe than sorry and back your blog up weekly.


another security plugin, login lockdown limits login attempts to two. you don’t want hackers being able to try as many passwords as you can, do you?!


yoast is one of the highest rated plugins for improving your blogs SEO.


while we don’t use disqus, we do recommend it — a lot of bloggers use it to help encourage readers to comment by making the comment section a little more personal. it also helps prevent spam comments. let’s face it, people don’t comment as much now that you can just pin.


to prevent slow loading pages, ewww image optimizer helps size down the oversized photos to make your blog load a lot faster.


we always recommend snapwidget, because it’s free and it has the best customization settings. in 1 minute, you can throw a gallery on your sidebar or your footer. but we do wish it could link directly to instagram vs it’s own site.


it costs $12, but the clean look of this gallery plugin from envato is our favorite. and you can use it on multiple pages!


once a reader has browsed down your blog, you want it to be easy for them to get back to the top. smooth scroll up has some visual customizations available and works well.

any plugins we left out that you love? let us know.


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