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February 17, 2015

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how to design product collage posts | blogzilla studio

we’ve been asked before how to design clean + seamless product collage posts for your blogs – so we thought today we’d show you some simple tricks for designing them in photoshop.

the easiest thing about these product collages is that nowadays, most shops feature the items they sell on simple white or grey backgrounds, meaning much less work for you.

how to design product collages in photoshop how to design product collage posts | blogzilla studio


create a new comp in photoshop at the standard size of your images on your blog. (we use 600px wide) you can always change the height later.


copy the image from the online shop or pinterest board by right clicking it and selecting copy. paste onto your photoshop comp.


scale down the product, it’s safer to leave them a little bigger than you may end up wanting in the end, because once you’ve scaled down your image, scaling back up will compromise the crispness.

do this by pressing COMMAND + T to transform, then hold down SHIFT while you scale to keep the aspect.


there are a few different ways to extract your products from their background.

if there is a detailed background (ie if the product is not photographed on a plain background), you might need more advanced techniques such as the pen tool. but for the simpler images, here are your options :

how to design a collage in photoshop


from your toolbar, select the magic wand. you can set the tolerance on the top bar (it’s usually set to 32, but play around and try adjusting it down to 10-20 to see what keeps the most of your image in tact. the magic wand tends to not pick every detail up, or sometimes leaves messy edges.

how to design a collage in photoshop how to design a collage in photoshop


press COMMAND + L to get the levels window. play around with adjusting the levels, i usually like to go from the right top, bringing that down a few notches. when you notice the background going away, you may also notice your product is losing it’s contrast. by sliding the middle cursor back towards the right one, you can adjust this. minor adjustments make a big difference – you don’t need to go overboard.

how to design a collage in photoshop


the last easy way to extract your background is replace color, which you will find under IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS. select the color of your background, and make sure if there are any pesky details like shadows, you select those too. adjust the lightness all the way to 100% and press OK. this method isn’t always a go-to, but it works fairly well.

how to design a product collage in photoshop


now that your products are all cleaned up and background-less, you can begin placing them where you’d like. you’ll now notice that although the background doesn’t appear to be there — it overlaps onto your other images.

this is the best and easiest tool for making product collages, because it’s the only step you have to do for products already on a white background.

go to your layers tab, at the top you’ll see a dropdown of layer modes. select multiply. that’s it!

arrange items as you see fit, and you can add some text to label each product.

i also like to add a light gray background to let it stand out a little from the white blog.

designing a product collage in photoshop

we hope this helped you improve your product collage making skills!

we’d LOVE to know if you have any additional questions AND what else you’d love a tutorial on!

4 thoughts on “how to design product collage posts

  1. Erin

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you gals do! I’m just getting back to blogging and all of your tips/tricks/templates have made it WAY more manageable and pretty!! xo

  2. Belle

    Thanks for the great tutorial! This is sooo much easier than the way I’ve been doing it, which was so time consuming I didn’t really bother that often.

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