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8 tips for a better looking blog

April 1, 2015

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8 easy tips for a better looking blog | blogzilla studio

as you know — we love seeing our themes in use, but we also wanted to share 8 easy tips for keeping your blog as clean and pretty as it can be.


whether you’re doing a post with your own photography or using photos from the internet — readers are visual, and posts without any images won’t catch any eyes while scrolling. if you’re taking your own photos, make sure to take them in natural light, a flash never really makes anything look better.


make sure to always try to keep all your photos the same width, it creates a consistent flow and your photos will always look best at the same width of your post space.


tons of clutter on your sidebar can make for a lot going on. we recommend minimizing the amount of items you have on there to keep it all important. spread out advertisements among your categories and archives, so it doesn’t look like one big ad page. and while blogrolls are very supportive, they take up precious space on your sidebar. if you’re insistent on doing a blogroll, we recommend a single post that you can link to from your sidebar VS having a long list.


we always recommend our customers try to use less than 6 items on their header menus, otherwise it can end up looking like a mess. when everything is clean and simple, your blog content will be the thing that stands out. drop down menus are the perfect solution if you’re eager to keep different post topics or subscription options on your menu.


spelling + coding errors can make your blog look sloppy. always double check for spelling errors and format issues, we sometimes will revise posts a dozen times to make sure it’s all perfect prior to posting.


while it’s super fun to explore with new fonts and layouts, we also recommend trying to stick with your brand. while it’s fine to mix it up, try to make sure your fonts and colors match the rest of your blog and don’t seem like they’re out of left field.


people tend not to read super long paragraphs. if you break your copy into multiple paragraphs and separate with images spread along your post, it’ll keep your readers wanting to know what comes next. read more buttons also totally help to tease them to keep reading.


having 10 tags and a full sentence for a title can end up looking crazy. try to come up with minimal titles that represent your post as well as you can.

how to design product collage posts

February 17, 2015

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how to design product collage posts | blogzilla studio

we’ve been asked before how to design clean + seamless product collage posts for your blogs – so we thought today we’d show you some simple tricks for designing them in photoshop.

the easiest thing about these product collages is that nowadays, most shops feature the items they sell on simple white or grey backgrounds, meaning much less work for you.

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blogger vs wordpress

February 11, 2015

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blogger vs wordpress | blogzilla

because we get asked all the time why we make our themes for wordpress vs blogger, we thought it’d be helpful to share why we love there are obviously pros for some people to using blogger, so we will try our best not to be biased.

you have to buy your domain you can use your own domain
you need a hosting plan (with unlimited storage) you get 1GB of storage
thousands of plugins available unable to use plugins
full control over customization limited capabilities
you own your site blogger owns it, you’re essentially renting
you have complete control in monetizing less control with banner ads + affiliate links
you’re responsible for backing up + security  your blog is safe and secure
wordpress isn’t going anywhere  blogger could go away any day

now — if you’re just starting out and you don’t care about having a ton of control or rights over your blog, then blogger might be right for you. it definitely is more user friendly when it comes to capabilities of coding vs drag + drop. but wordpress has a lot more support when it comes to technical issues (there is a huge a community full of forums most likely answering every problem you have) vs blogger, which has a much less helpful support system.

google has already nixed google reader and feedburner seems to be on its way out. blogger hasn’t been updated in a long time, which doesn’t show a promising future for the platform, which is … well, probably a little scary for blogger users.

hope that we were able to objectively compare the two for you if you were swaying towards choosing or switching.

have any blog questions or tips you want? let us know!