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February 11, 2015

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blogger vs wordpress | blogzilla

because we get asked all the time why we make our themes for wordpress vs blogger, we thought it’d be helpful to share why we love there are obviously pros for some people to using blogger, so we will try our best not to be biased.

you have to buy your domain you can use your own domain
you need a hosting plan (with unlimited storage) you get 1GB of storage
thousands of plugins available unable to use plugins
full control over customization limited capabilities
you own your site blogger owns it, you’re essentially renting
you have complete control in monetizing less control with banner ads + affiliate links
you’re responsible for backing up + security  your blog is safe and secure
wordpress isn’t going anywhere  blogger could go away any day

now — if you’re just starting out and you don’t care about having a ton of control or rights over your blog, then blogger might be right for you. it definitely is more user friendly when it comes to capabilities of coding vs drag + drop. but wordpress has a lot more support when it comes to technical issues (there is a huge a community full of forums most likely answering every problem you have) vs blogger, which has a much less helpful support system.

google has already nixed google reader and feedburner seems to be on its way out. blogger hasn’t been updated in a long time, which doesn’t show a promising future for the platform, which is … well, probably a little scary for blogger users.

hope that we were able to objectively compare the two for you if you were swaying towards choosing or switching.

have any blog questions or tips you want? let us know!

3 thoughts on “blogger vs wordpress

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  2. Myrna

    When I started my blog I didn’t know where to start and Blogger was so easy that I went with it. My question is I’ve heard it’s pretty hard to switch from Blogger to WordPress , is this accurate?


    1. blogzilla Post author

      it’s not the easiest thing in the world, that’s why we provide transferring as an add-on in our shop!


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