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March 2, 2015

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8 free fonts | sans-serif | blogzillastudio

happy monday and happy march! we love fonts. and we love free. so we could spend hours browsing through + downloading free fonts, because they’re FREE! so we’re gong to be sharing our favorites with you guys! first up, we have some beautiful basics. simple and easy to use sans-serif fonts that will hopefully come in handy!


5 thoughts on “8 free fonts / sans – serif

  1. Laura @ Roam + Golightly

    I love a good sans serif! Simple and clean is right up my alley. This may seem like a silly question… but how do you download the fonts found on Behance? I have an account but I can’t seem to find the link?

    1. blogzilla Post author

      hi laura! typically there is a download link, but sometimes those disappear after a little bit of time. if you comment on it, you should be able to get a copy!


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