Monthly Archives: January 2015

a brand new blogzilla

January 10, 2015



if you’re new to blogzilla studio — welcome! if you’re an oldie, welcome! you may have noticed we’ve made some big changes to our site. most importantly, we’ll now be selling our themes directly on our site rather than just on etsy. we hope this minimizes a lot of back and forth and we can focus more on growing (which means more themes and more fun stuff!)

you may also have noticed that we’re going to be introducing wedding themes to blogzilla! we’ve seen a lot of wedding templates. and sadly, we haven’t seen a lot that are modern and clean and not covered in pink. so we wanted to create themes for the couples that are looking for beautifully uncluttered options. and themes that grooms will hopefully like too.

we’re also going to be blogging! we’ll be sharing blog, freelance and design tips as well as inspiration and we’ll be featuring some of our favorite themes in action and the bloggers behind them.

we hope you’re as excited about our makeover as we are — it was a LOT of work, but we’re so happy about where our little company is heading.