mobile updates


mobile updates


we’re thrilled to announce that all blogzilla themes have been updated to google’s new algorithms for mobile optimization!

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all the elements of your current theme, but with added mobile compatibility! your blogzilla theme will now resize responsively for all different devices, and your SEO will be improved because of compatibility with google’s algorithms.

this purchase does not include installation. please backup your site, activate the twenty twelve theme, remove your current theme version, and then upload the new theme! if you need help with your new mobile theme, please contact us for tech support. if you contact us after making the update, we will not be able to provide support unless you have a backup available for us.

IMPORTANT: if you have had customizations made to your theme by blogzilla, please contact us at tech support before upgrading to your new mobile theme. notify us of what custom work you have on your site, and we will walk you through how to make the update without losing your custom work.