custom colors


custom color


if you love the theme, but aren’t totally keen on the colors, we understand!

all of our themes are designed very neutral, so we can modify your color scheme to represent your style.

the color change applies only to the blog. this listing is NOT for social media buttons.


once you purchase the color add-on along with the theme of your choice, fill out the color add-on questionnaire at checkout. visit and choose the six digit color number(s). (ie #EDD3D8) please specify what elements you’d like the color changes applied to (ie the background only / background and sidebar). you’ll then receieve an updated version of your theme with the colors you’ve chosen! (please make sure we have the correct email for you on file)


this color add-on can apply to : background / sidebars / sidebar borders / post titles / links / menus.

please note – we will only be providing you with a one time change. be sure you are happy with the colors you’ve chosen prior to filling out your questionnaire.